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Blue Raleigh Superbe Rear Light Fetish Thief (Sherbourne & Carlton?)

Date: 2010-10-25, 8:05PM EDT

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You stole the shiny chrome rear light off my wife's Blue 1966 Raleigh Superbe sometime in the last week or so; probably around Sherbourne & Carlton or maybe at College & Spadina. You snipped the cable, took the light and bracket, but very courteously replaced it with a different, new looking chrome light of a different design. Thanks for that, although you didn't bother to reconnect it. 

I guess you felt you needed that rear light more than my wife's bike did. Maybe you were working on your own Raleigh Superbe restoration project, which is why I thought I'd post this sad story as this obviously wasn't a theft for crack: wire cutters, screw driver, wrench, spare light handy to replace the one you took. That takes a lot of planning so, in a kind of creepy way, you must have stalked my wife's bike. 

What you probably didn't know is that inside the light there was a rather painstakingly designed LED bulb involving custom printed circuit board work and I now have to do that all over again. You're welcome to return it. We probably could have a nice chat about bike lighting, since I'm just as weird as you are and am really really into it. Have a look and read the whole story, if you return the light I'll even make you one for yours: 

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